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Update: 5th February Thanks to Everyone involved in last nights great podcast reliving all the events of Find 815.

Listen to the full podcast HERE.

Thanks to the JoshMeister, Big-O from Cranky Fanatic, Curt Yanko from the Black Rock Podcast, and Amanda from The Lost Flashbacks get together and a big thanks to Congested to for helping to organise this event.

Hi Everybody! We are now in the final stretch for both Find815 to conclude and Lost Season 4 to commence. There is probably no better time to discuss Find815 in podcast form than now.

Join us Live on Talkshoe Monday, February 4th at 10:00PM EST/7:00PM PST for a special DarkUFO/find815.blogspot.com podcast where a wonderful group of Lost podcasters will sit down together and discuss everything we are still trying to make sense of. The best part about doing the show live is that any of you are welcome to call in and chat with the hosts of the show. Talkshoe even has a chat room function that lets you interact with the show through text if you are unable to call in. We will also post the show on the blog for all of those who will not be able to make it (partly due to the fact that many of you will be asleep, I'm sure.)

As of now the podcasters that will be hosting the show are:

To join the show simply go here the night of the podcast. There will be an option to listen to the show live. We will start gathering prior to the start time and you will have a chance to follow the instructions on how to call in. Hope to see you there next Monday.

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