Jan 24, 2008

Google Maps Overlay Of Clue Hunt Chart Plotter

DarkUFO reader, Pink, overlayed last night's chart plotter game map with a satellite map from Google Maps (or Earth, but I'm assuming it was one of the two.) The positioning of the cooridinates are similar to the dots we saw in this week's first chart plotter game after it was altered.

Source: Pink@Find815


Josh said...

I know this is probably nothing, but the chart plotter results look to me like the Souther Cross. A constelation only visible in the South Hemisphere.

Nial said...

Im sure that that IS a constelation for sure. I have seen it some where before. Will get back to you...

Helio Maciel said...
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Helio Maciel said...

The Southern Cross is the Constellation of Crux, and it is used for the same purpose as the Pole Star in the northern hemisphere.

More on that on:

Nial said...

It looks like the center of Orion with two of the middle stars missing (that would be above and below no5)
here: imagine it upside down....

Nial said...
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Nial said...

^ Sorry this is the link......

Anonymous said...

Cool my pic is up on the blog :)

But... the coordinates are the target coordinates you have to find in the game. These coordinates are actually not located on the place of the dots.
Mas13 did some plotting and ended up with coordinates in the following places:

Map 1:
-11.1784 / 69.2522 : middle ocean below the salomon islands
Map 2:
-6.4024 / 117.0123 : south east of indonesia
Map 3:
27.0297 / 35.8201 : in the north west of saudi arabia
Map 4:
36.5817 / 107.4603 : middle of china, north west of Xianyang
Map 5:
12.7017 / 83.5802 : somewhere in the ocean south east of India

Now if the image of the target locations in the game
is flipped vertically and put over a map of the found coordinates, the points match with the found coordinates.
This is shown in next picture thanks to Mas13 :

This cannot be a coincidence

mas13 said...

thanks Pink...

I am thinking one of two things right now:

1) They intentially showed the coordinates in the wrong location and there is some relevance to either the difference, or to the actual locations.

2) They are just trying to show us the chart plotter is broken and the ship is going to end up in the wrong place....

HOON said...

Doesnt the strip of island somewhat resemble the "hidden snake" in the Maxwell Group website. Somewhat?

JerseyDoc said...

I do not think it is coincidence. I think this is part of the clue that OurMutualFriend42 left for us by flipping the picture of 6 of the stars in the Big Dipper (the proof from the poem). Perhaps we have to flip the 6 numbers derived from the Sundra Trench grid (to add and divide)and use the flipped numbers to do the measuring.

mas13 said...

Don't know if this helps, but I created another image, just to give another way of looking at this.

Going with the current theme that everything seems to be getting flipped, and based on what we saw above, i plotted the "flipped" GPS coords below:

11.1784 / 69.2522
6.4024 / 117.0123
-27.0297 / 35.8201
-36.5817 / 107.4603
-12.7017 / 83.5802

I then put on this same chart in Red Dots how the coordinates appeared in the game. As you can see, same shape, but not the same location?


So why would the game use inverted coordinates and a different scale rather then use real coordinates? Can't be a coincidence...

mas13 said...

and for whatever it might be worth....

-11.1784, 69.2522 to -6.4024, 117.0123 = 3278.13 miles
-6.4024, 117.0123 to 27.0297, 35.8201 = 5883.97 miles
27.0297, 35.8201 to 36.5817, 107.4603 = 4171.18 miles
36.5817, 107.4603 to 12.7017, 83.5802 = 2213.40 miles

Anonymous said...

I find this very interesting, I hadnt looked at the comments until today, and didnt even really look at the plotter results, but I was trying to figure out what the reverse/inversion of the big dipper would be and ALSO came up with the Southern Cross (Crux), its image appears on the Australian flag and the wiki page contains a phto of the cross within the Aurora Australias... when I looked through the previous posts I noticed that the plotter resembled it, and lo and behold, the first comment here...I think this might be the KCART THGIR