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By now most of us are aware that there have been hidden images in previous clue hunts. So, as to be expected another reader with a good eye, Nial, has made the following observations about last night's hunt.

Just having a look at the chapter 4 clue hunt again and noticed 3 things.
1. There is something that looks like an email superimposed into the image just below and to the left of the tv in the center of the panorama
2. The word 'depths' superimposed to the left of the panorama under the first aid kit. (Maybe something to do with the chart in the sundra trench web page and the measuring mentioned in the poem we found. depth was something we were throwing around in the chat room yesterday as a possible meaning to the results from those six columns. maybe the average depth or something.
3. There is a very faint superimposed image of Sonya to the far left of the panorama, only barley visible.

I'm sure this is prob nothing but i am sure i have seen these hidden email looking docs in previous pics, and clue hunts.

I don't have photo shop so i cant improve the image to read it but maybe its possible...?

Just thought i would let you know, i may be something or more than likely nothing. lol

Source: Nial@Find815


DarkUFO reader Alex sent in another image from the clue hunt with his observations circled.

Source: Alex@Find815

UPDATE 1/25/08 1:30AM GMT:

MoniQuinha sent in some more images of the boat room for us to post.

Source: MoniQuinha@Find815

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