Jan 3, 2008

MFreeChal & MagicN

Thanks to PkmnTrainerJ for the following.

Hey Dark,
Don't know whether this is worth investigating or not, but this url was in the initial Maxwell Group e-mail


Seems like gibberish to me, but something important might be hidden behind all the links.


If you click the marquee, what looks like a log in page comes up, but it's more gibberish to me yet again.


The ODI said...

after using matthew and abaddon in login i get more coding gibberish:

±ÍÇϲ²¼­ ¼ÒÁöÇÏ°í °è½Å ÈÞ´ëÆùÀº Áö¿øÇÏÁö ¾Ê½À´Ï´Ù.

lostfan815 said...

Well this looks like a lot of fun.

1Miletogo said...

if you use google translate on the site it says the following:

first box = Telephone
2nd box = send a message attached
button = transport (30 won)

the message that you received when enter anything into the box you get the following message: Sorry.
귀하께서 소지하고 계신 휴대폰은 지원하지 않습니다. Your phone does not support your possession.

Chris said...

I think that is Korean and that some user's computer don't support showing Korean.

This is the menu:

Which (Babelfish-ly) translate to mean:

[ phu li Chael ] * phu li Chael distant mote pack (UP! ) Nae Hom Pi (new! ) island (new! ) community mail/piece Ji address book torque box Best! game common knowledge fact environment set LOGOUT

This is the login page:
And translation:

The minute directory number which it receives attachment message

It makes much sense so it's definitely Korean.
"Island" was mentioned, so I think it's also connected to LOST.

1Miletogo said...

the freechal website translates to this:

Now access is http://m.freechal.com peurichael mobile cell phone.
무선접속 안내 에서 핸드폰 접속방법을 알려드립니다. Information on how to access the wireless cell phone connection.

Chris said...

So it seems that you can enter the phone number and a message you wanted to send to the phone, and will cost you 30 Won (Korean Currency). I tried the Oceanic Hotline but get the same "Your phone does not support your possession" message.

Chris said...

D'oh! The source code of the page contained multiple links to http://www.magicn.com/, which turns out to be a large Korean phone company etc.

It has NOTHING to do with Lost.

Kuiosikle said...

Wow, ok. I did a lot of combing through to what to me was gibberish, I found lots of dates, English words, and sites leades articles about a ing to a "MizMedi, Stem Cell Research Institute and hospital" stuff about islands, etc. then i started translating the pages from Korean and it appears to be a message board! so i have no idea if it it has anything to do with Lost. Here is the list on the main site:

*프리챌 멀티팩(UP!) * Peurichael meoltipaek (UP!)
① 내홈피(new!) ① naehompi (new!)
② 섬(new!) ② Island (new!)
③ 커뮤니티 ③ community
④ 메일/쪽지 ④ mail / note
⑤ 주소록 ⑤ Contacts
⑥ 토크박스Best! ⑥ Talk Boxes Best!
⑦ 게임 ⑦ Games
⑧ 공지사항 Announcements ⑧
⑨ 환경설정 ⑨ Preferences

and I'll post everything else i found that was already "English" in the non translated gibberish in the next post.

Kuiosikle said...

Long post..











MBC (in bold)

List 1 to 6


MizMedi Hospital

http://www.e-goodnews.co.kr http://tinyurl.com/28zepq

http://news.naver.com/ http://tinyurl.com/yqj8x7

Post-Medieval - MizMedi, Stem Cell Research Institute Established


Dokdo is located 89.493km south-east to Uleungdo, 267km away from Pohang, 151km away from the truce line, and 160km away from the Japanese island Oki. The latitude of Dokdo is between 131¢ª52'07"degrees north and its longitude is between 37¢ª14'12"degrees east. The island can be seen from Uleungdo but not from Oki island in Japan.
The shortest distance to Dokdo is 220.354 kilometers from Jukbyeon, Uljin county of North Gyeonsang province, and Dokdo is the far east Korean territory. The address of Dokdo is 1-37 mountains, Dokdo-ri, Uleung-eup, Uleung county, North Gyeongsang province which has been officially reconfirmed since April 7, 2000. The gross area of Dokdo is about 186,121§³( Dongdo covers an area of 64,779 §³; Seodo, 95,444.5§³; attached islands to Dokdo, 15,907.5§³), and the number of the attached islands is 33. Dokdo is a state demesne and under control of the Department of the Ocean and Fisheries.
The gross area of Dokdo is about 186,121§³( Dongdo covers an area of 64,779 §³; Seodo, 95,444.5§³; attached islands to Dokdo, 15,907.5§³), and the number of the attached islands is 33. Dokdo is a state demesne and under control of the Department of the Ocean and Fisheries.

starts on page: http://tinyurl.com/22yg26

Hey, I'm a bored insomniac. :P

Kuiosikle said...

In case you didn't guess the tiny urls are ones i made to the translated news articles.

Matt said...

Chris said - ""Island" was mentioned, so I think it's also connected to LOST."

You know, I never thought about it. But come to think of it, everything with an island IS about lost. I mean, think about it, Rhode Island, Long Island, Easter Island, ALL have to do with LOST. Great Spot Chris!!

Chris said...

Uh, that's why I said I think, because it might not be true.

Anyway, "It has NOTHING to do with Lost" conclusion, and you can find it three posts down from my "Island" post.

danny said...

actually, this is rather odd, and i feel it is connected. type www.815.com into your browser.. where does it take you?

Chris said...

Nah, WHOIS shows that 815.com is registered under a real Korean company. I still don't think it's connected. Nice find, anyway!

Smullie said...

Just in case, here are some url's found in the source code of www.815.com:






It did say somewhere (in the help feature on find815 i think) that partnersites should be checked.

That this a mobile phone / sms company, maybe it will be in the (near) future?

Just a thought..

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that some sort of Korean type of deal is connected to LOST. I mean, for one, you have Sun and Jin ;D! Haha. But, in the newest video at find815.com, Sam has a painting of what looks like a geisha or something. I don't know if that's considered 'Korean' or not, but I think that it could be connected somehow.

Spolodaface said...


Jason said...

both sites are in korean...

Jason said...

Supp dark i looked at a post on the "find 815" section and it gave these two links...



The guy that posted it said its gibberish but on my computer it's korean. considering that i am korean, the first one looks like this
모바일 프리챌은 http://m.freechal.com 핸드폰으로 접속하세요.
무선접속 안내에서 핸드폰 접속방법을 알려드립니다.
(It might not be korean for you because you might have to change it to korean text?)
The first line directly says "mobile freechal http://m.freechal.com connect with a handphone"
The second line basically says "It informs a hand phone connection method from radio connection guidance and it gives"

The second website has a log in page and the top says "The minute directory number which it receives"
The second line says " attachment message" ( ☞첨부메세지)
The third button i believe the characters that aren't in the parethesis is just a name chong song and the button is 30 won (won is the currency in korea)

PenguinJosh said...

Paik industries